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Building online content communities

A community of interest, or interest-based community, is a community of people who share a common interest or passion. These people exchange ideas and thoughts about the given passion, but may know (or care) little about each other outside of this area. Participation in a community of interest can be compelling, entertaining and create a community where people return frequently and remain for extended periods. Frequently, they cannot be easily defined by a particular geographical area.

G3 International can assist both in the establishment and the maintenance of online communities. Choosing the right software tools to allow you to get on with focussing on what you’re best at - an enthusiastic guru in your particular field of interest.

Maintaining online properties

Healthy online communities in order to function properly and to grow, need a common interest, a place to meet, and a means by which to practice and access tools that make that practice possible. The community of practice must be able to engage in activities pertaining to their interest.

True communities will allow users to act singularly as well as in group formats to create new ideas and methods of best practices, and to improve and help progress the field of study. Having the place and the means to engage in these activities are crucial to the upkeep of a community of practice and allow for important problem solving, discussions, use of pertinent tools and information, and development of new data into information and wisdom.

Business models for digital properties

As with bricks & mortar businesses there are several different business models for digital properties. Depending on the topic as well as on the needs of the owners we can assist in choosing the right strategy.

  • Advertising
  • Community
  • Subscription
  • Brokerage
  • Infomediary
  • e-Commerce
  • Manufacturer (Direct)
  • Affiliate
  • Utility

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